Station Break Delano Oil Company

All of our locations aim to provide a uniform and complete convenience store experience, however each location offers some special items that cannot be found at the others.


In Dixon you can find seasonal hunting or fishing gear and licenses and our stores in Crocker, St. James, and Dixon offer a selection of classic candy.

Local high school or college themed t-shirts are also available at most locations.


Station Break stores are now selling scrapbooking supplies as well! Stop by and check out our selection and spice up your family memories.


Located in central Missouri, Station Break stores can be found in communities both small and large. We currently operate six locations in Rolla (2), Saint James, Dixon, and Crocker.


Saint James, MO

Station Break, 611 N. Jefferson: Ginger Glandon, Mgr.

(573) 265-5677

Station STJ











Station Break, 1044 Kingshighway: Mike Branson, Mgr.

(573) 364-8782

Station Kingshighway












Station Break, 1100 N. Bishop: Michelle McWilliams, Mgr.

(573) 341-2455

Station Hwy 63











Dixon, MO

Station Break, P.O. Box 1086, 308 S. Ellen: Charolett Thompson, Mgr.

(573) 759-7469

Dixon Station Break











Crocker, MO

Station Break, P.O. Box 162, 216 S. Commercial: Kim Bell, Mgr.

(573) 736-2333

Crocker Station Break